Hair Chalking

What You Will Need:

Pastel Chalks

Spray Bottle 



Flat Iron

Blow Dryer

An Old Shirt or DIY Cover Up

1. Comb through your hair. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Wet the section of hair that you want to chalk. 

2. Pick the color of chalk you want. Spray the chalk with water. Then rub the chalk on the strand of hair till it starts to color it.

3. After you achieve the color you want blow dry it and flat iron if you desire.


1. Make sure you don't rub it up and down, (it will cause breakage) Start at the top then take it to the bottom, then start at the top and take it to the bottom.

2. It may be well... chalky. To make it feel not as chalky, rub some shine serum down the strand. 

3. Do not wear white clothing when you have your hair chalked, trust me. :)

4. On blonde hair, the color will be more vibrant. On darker hair, such as brunettes and blacks, it will be less vibrant but still visible.

 Be ready to clean up your mess and stained hands! :)